Throughout the Bible we clearly see God’s plan for His people to reach this world with the gospel. The Great Commission is given to churches to take the gospel to the world. Through the Our Generation Easter Offering, we can build a place to train missionaries for our generation. Together, we can raise the funds needed to truly build a Baptist Center for World Evangelism. 

On Easter Sunday, April 4th 2021, churches across the country will express their commitment to take part in the effort to establish a central place for the training of hundreds of future missionaries. In the weeks prior to the offering, these churches will engage their congregation in praying and preparing to give. 

Each church committed to participating in the Our Generation Easter Offering will receive a kit that will contain all the promotional materials needed. You’ll receive videos, handouts, posters, offering envelopes and more. 

You’ll be ready with a professionally designed campaign that your church will be proud of.

Missionary hero of the past William Carey said, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” With your partnership, we believe that God will provide the resources to establish a place to build the Baptist Center for World Evangelism.

We pray that the world would be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation. We believe that is possible through the power of God and the commitment of God’s people to the work of world evangelism. There are millions still untold and they need someone to tell them. Together, we can make that a reality.

If you would like more information about the Our Generation Easter Offering and how to receive your promotional kit, please contact us at 770-456-5881, email us at, or take a moment to fill out our form. 

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We would love the opportunity to send you an Our Generational Offering Promotional Kit. The kit would provide all the resources that your church would need to make an informed decision about the offering. Also, we encourage you to download the OGEO Information Packet to read through as you wait for your kit to arrive in the mail. 

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