2009 Camp Testimonies

I am grateful to ProjectChina.org for collecting & posting these testimonies.

Many of the students filled out a questionnaire before they left the camp, so here are some of their answers to the questions & testimonies showing what the students themselves thought about the camp (without their names given). I would like for to consider bringing a group next year. If you are not already on our e-mailing list please let me know.

“Every experience went toward showing me my responsibility in spreading the gospel to the lost?”

The mission trips were “Practical experiences which helped to open my eyes to the need of those around the world and here in America.”

“The Camp has helped me to realize God’s hand in my life and to serve Him wherever He leads.”

“Thank you so much for providing this camp!”

“God really opened my eyes to see lost souls and realizing these people are on their way to a literal hell.”

“God called me to the mission field!”

The Missions Trips “opened my eyes to how blind the world has become.”

I enjoyed the “interaction with missionaries from around the world and with worshippers of different religions.”

It was convicting to “see how great of a need there is for God’s truth in the world and how little I do.”

“The preaching was absolutely amazing.”

“Every single message was convicting to me.”

“We as men need to stand in the Gap…we need to stop playing with pacifiers.”

It was convicting “seeing all the people worshipping false gods; talking to the Nepalese family in Clarkston but not knowing enough of their language to share the Gospel with them; all the preaching and workshops.”

“I really enjoyed the preaching and music.”

I enjoyed “being able to talk with missionaries & pastors about what God was doing in my life.”

Would you come back and recommend this camp to your friends? “Most Definitely”

I enjoyed “the emphasis on missions, the preaching – getting to see the various temples and mosques.”

“It was awesome to see those places because it makes all the stories you hear about so real, and shows how blessed we are to know the truth.”

These testimonies represent students from all different parts of the United States that attended the 2009 Our Generation Student Leadership Camp. For more Information, please visit: www.ogcamp.info

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