November 12, 2009


Exodus 18:18 Could it be that world evangelism seems to be too large a task because we like Moses try to perform it alone? Wouldn’t the cause of world evangelism be better served if we were to train others to do the work instead of doing it all ourselves? Isn’t this the training or teaching...
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The first step we all need to take if we desire to be a Baptist Church Committed to World Evangelism is to 1. Work at evangelizing the world in their Jerusalem by committing to knock on and evangelize a minimum of 50,000 people that live close to their church at least twice a year a....
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David will kill me for publishing this letter but it has been one of my most prized possessions since the day I got it. I think it is fitting to let him see what he wrote 6 years later. He was 18 then. I know that God is going to use you son. I love...
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