January 28, 2010


Keith Shumaker shared this with me on my recent trip to Burkina Faso. I think he has some very good points so I hope you enjoy reading! by Keith Shumaker 1.  The First Level – Those who do-nothing Churches are full of these types of people. They are good people.  They have been saved.  They...
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Mindy is the wife of one of our missionaries here at Vision. She and her husband have been serving God faithfully in Argentina for several years now. Mindy has a great heart for God. She is a wonderful wife and mother. She is the type of lady that is an example to all other ladies...
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By LEO CENDROWICZ / AUSCHWITZ I am going to give you some quotes from this super article. I hope we never forget the Holocaust. There have been many that would have us forget. They would rewrite history but millions suffered and died. Things similar to this continue to happen. More importantly thousands go to hell...
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