March 15, 2012


On this day in 2008, Jacob DeSahzer, a staff sergeant and missionary, died. In his early years as a staff sergeant, DeShazer had an animosity towards the Japanese after hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He was chosen to be a part of a special team formed to attack mainland Japan. Part of their...
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Today’s reading Joshua 19:17-21:45 Joshua 21:45 There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass. This verse and others like it are always a blessing to me. Not one of the Lord’s promises failed and they will not. They all come to...
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An Overview of Casablanca While Rabat is the capital of Morocco, Casablanca is its largest city. It covers an area of about 446, 550 square kilometers, a little larger than California. Casablanca is also Morocco’s chief port and the biggest city in the Maghreb. It is considered the economic and business center of Morocco. Casablanca...
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