December 13, 2019


God continues to bless the Center for World Evangelism. Right now the total already given is $287,100.56. Right now we are looking for just the right piece of property. If you know of any please let us know. We need 30 to 50 acres that can be developed into all that the Center for World...
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As you end your year, you may want to consider how you can give to the cause of God around the world and avoid paying any extra taxes.  Right now we are actively pursuing the funds for the next step at the Center for World Evangelism. I hope you are praying about giving something extra...
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The Scriptures clearly teach that if men are to be saved they must be saved through Christ. He alone can deliver them from the power of sin and its penalty. His death made salvation possible. The Word of God sets forth the conditions of salvation. God has chosen to have these conditions made known through...
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