February 7, 2020


The following article reports on how the Chinese doctor who sounded alarm about coronavirus, angering communist authorities, dies. It is sad to think how many lives could have been spared if they would have taken heed to the warning that he sent to his friends. This reminds us of our responsibility to get the gospel...
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Read this article and see how much evil has a hold on West Africa.  Have you and your church been praying for the need there in West Africa, specifically Nigeria? Have you sent a missionary to this needy place so that the truth of the gospel might change the lives of these people and give them hope?...
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ÔÇťAmerica has been the force behind world missions. God is blessed America because we have been the launching pad of the missionary movement. In the aftermath of world war 2, Americans started 1,800 missions agencies and sent out more than 350,000 missionaries. Even before the widespread use of the internet, scholars believe that more than...
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