February 8, 2020


If we are to have more missionary pastors the subject of missions must receive larger attention in the theological seminaries. Chairs of missions should be established and filled only by men possessing both scientific attainments and a passion for the world’s evangelization. Students should be required to make an exhaustive study of the moral and...
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A family of five tested positive for the Coronavirus in Eastern France after staying a chalet with a man who recently tested positive himself. This man makes the third case of the virus in the UK. Meanwhile in France, the school that one of the children attended has been closed for the next week, and...
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Many people will say, “Why in the world do we need missionaries?” Frequently we hear the platitude “Charity begins at home” used as an excuse. “There are just as many heathen here at home” is another favorite. Why do professing Christians make such excuses and even oppose missions? Harold Cook suggested four basic reasons: 1....
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