February 10, 2020


The culture of Britain is growing increasingly hostile toward Christians who hold to the teachings of the Bible. This was seen most recently in the cancellation of several of the venues that evangelist Franklin Graham hoped to use for his summer tour of Britain. David Robertson from theweaflee.com shares his concerns about this and what...
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Over the weekend, tragedy struck in the city of Korat, Thailand. A young Thai man, who was enlisted in the Thai military, took his weapon and opened fire on his peers in his barracks. He then fled to a local mall and began shooting shoppers and employees in the wall. The military and police quickly...
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Our Generation Training Center As the Director of the Our Generation Training Center, I have the privilege to have a small part in equipping young men and women for successful service on the mission field. And today, I would like to deal with who should consider going to the mission field. I believe with all...
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