February 18, 2020


-Missionary Andrew Garcia I was seven years old when I asked God to save me from my sins. I placed my faith in Him and in His finished work on the cross. I was saved by faith alone and not by any work or merit. Christ did all the work for me. Soon after that,...
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Japan, Germany, and other economies predict tough times ahead because of the coronavirus according to an article by the Wall Street Journal. Because of over half the population of China currently under some sort of quarantine to help control the coronavirus, Chinese companies are not able to produce components needed by major companies such as...
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By: Savannah Morgan According to an article from Breitbart.com, this weekend a shootout between police and a cartel member occurred in a Mexican border town. Mexican authorities and a gunman were in a high speed chase when the gunman crashed. The gunman ran into a private high school to avoid capture. Afraid of being arrested,...
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