March 5, 2020


Please read this article. Due to a rise of attacks on civilians in Burkina Faso flocks of people have been moved from their homes. Extreme Islamic terrorist groups continue to assault civilians living in rural areas in Burkina Faso. Please be praying for all those that live in Burkina Faso. Please pray that the gospel...
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On Tuesday evening, Turkey shot down a Syrian jet. Tensions between Syria and Turkey have been increasing over the past few days. This is the third jet that Turkey has shot down in the last few days. There has been several casualties of the conflict on both sides, as well as many Syrian civilians killed...
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Just over a week ago, Latin America confirmed its first case of the coronavirus in Brazil from a man who had traveled to the Lombardy region of northern Italy. Since then, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Argentine, and Chile also confirmed cases of the virus. The arrival of COVID-19 in Latin America is especially worrisome...
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