April 23, 2020


On May 1st and 2nd, from 6 AM-midnight, each day, we will be having a Share-a-thon to try to raise at least $225,000 for the Center for World Evangelism. This will help us purchase the land, and then we will need another $1.6 million to build the buildings. The Center for World Evangelism will be dedicated...
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Today, our friend and a missionary, Randy Stirewalt went to be with Lord. Mrs. Phyllis said he preached most of the night and she¬†asked him to be quiet so she could sleep. His response was, “I have to preach.” This morning, he felt anxious because he wanted to see his children, and they weren’t there...
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See what you can do for Jesus Christ in the shop. See whether you can serve your Master in that little Bible class of which you are a member. Rest assured that no missionary ardour really burns within that man who does not love the souls of those who live in the same house and...
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