April 30, 2020


According to an article by www.freerepublic.com a magnitude 5.0 earthquake shook eastern Indonesia on Thursday morning. Thankfully, there are currently no casualties reported. In the past, earthquakes have frequently shook the shores of Indonesia. The most deadly earthquake in their recent history was in 2004 when a magnitude 9.5 earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed...
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And, then, love to God will also strengthen you for service. A man is strong to serve his God, spiritually, just in proportion as he loves God. Love laughs at what men call impossibilities. Perhaps someone here says, “I could never go abroad as a missionary, leaving my native land, and living amongst heathens.” Brother,...
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The story is told of Adoniram Judson, that though his mother prayed and cried, that though his father lived a faithful life as a congregationalist preacher, Adoniram Judson did not come to Christ until the age of 20. As a matter of fact, he went to Brown University at the age of 17 because of...
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