May 12, 2020


According to an article by the Wall Street Journal troops from India and China exchanged words, blows at pass in northeastern Sikkim state. Tensions were high and blows were exchanged, but military leaders from both sides stepped in to stop the fighting. India and China currently dispute several border areas. In places they both claim...
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Between April 17-18, over 150 people died of an unidentified illness in Nigeria’s second-largest city, Kano. Three separate cemeteries were required to deal with this surge in deaths. It is feared that the Coronavirus is now being spread through this city located in the far north of the country. It is very likely that almost...
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Examples of People and Movements Towards Reaching the World As you read this, you may be thinking, “None of this would ever work.” The world could never be reached with the gospel, but the Bible does say that before the end, the gospel would be preached to every nation. There has been many people and...
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