July 14, 2020


The Missionary Problem is a Personal One! Every Believer, a Soul Winner! Up to this point, you may have been reading and thinking there is a great need in the world, but nothing has changed. Maybe you have been thinking of others and churches, but not yourself. Well, today it becomes personal. If we stop...
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The US State Department has had China at a Level 4: Do not Travel advisory since March 28, 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  However earlier this month they expanded that advisory to warn against a new People’s Republic of China (PRC) practice.  The warning is listed as a “arbitrary enforcement of local laws for purposes other than maintaining...
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As it has been for the rest of the world, 2020 has been very challenging for China.  They began the year with the Covid-19 epidemic, a recent resurgence in Beijing and now earthquakes and flooding.  On Sunday morning a 5.1 magnitude earthquake shook the northeastern city of Tangshan.  Five earthquakes were reported on the 12th and 13th in China.  Along with...
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