October 20, 2020


Last night as I lay in my bed, I thought back to my office as a youth pastor. Like many youth pastors, my office was a shared space. My desk was an old door thrown over two cabinets which were used as the founding pastor’s desk. I’d like to take you on a walk down...
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Four days ago, Samuel Paty, a French history and geography teacher was beheaded in Paris for showing caricatures of Muhammad in class. Yesterday, France unleashed a broad crackdown on Muslims accused of extremism. This comes amidst much anger for the brutal murder of Mr. Paty. The situation is tragic on so many levels. As believers...
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By Stephen Carrier, missionary to Chile Chile, which has long been the most stable country in South America, is about to decide whether it wants to invite uncertainty in a year in which nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.  Last year, protests in Santiago turned violent after a rise in metro prices, and the...
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