January 21, 2021


On January 14, Poland’s Ministry of Justice announced a new law making it illegal for social media platforms to delete content posted by Polish users. Users will have a right to appeal any deletions and platforms can be fined as much as $13.4 million for doing so. Poland is a country of nearly 39 million...
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Now that Chile has decided to rewrite its constitution, it will fall to the citizens to select those who will put pen to paper and draft something worthy of the Chilean vote. As the deadline to be chosen drew to a close, there was no shortage of people willing to put their name into consideration....
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Pastor Austin Gardner, Jeff Bush, and Jason Holt have another discussion on churches, this time focusing on the responsibilities of the church. They delve into several topics related to this, and give some good teaching and advice. Make sure to look for new episodes, hopefully coming out very soon. Thank you for listening, and tune...
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