February 22, 2021


Furlough is an important time in a missionary’s life. It can be viewed as an annoying hiccup in ministry and therefore ignored, but furlough can be a great thing for the missionary, their family, and their ministry. Allow me to give a few of the “preparations” needed to make furlough a good time instead of a...
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     The one thing that impressed me the most when I first arrived in China was the masses of people. It is not like I had never been in a large crowd before, but in China the large crowds are everywhere you go. You might as well abandon the love of personal space if...
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It has been said that the average American uses up to 88 gallons of water per day. Whether this water is used for showering, brushing teeth, washing clothes, dishes, or watering plants, water use is usually taken for granted in the States. Not so in Cuba. Access to clean water in Cuba is a process...
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