February 23, 2021


Serbia Maybe you have heard about Serbia, maybe you have not. Serbia has been a country for a long time. After World War 2, the Soviets took over Serbia and shortly afterwards combined several countries into what was called Yugoslavia. In the 90s, parts of Yugoslavia broke apart and reformed with just Serbia and Montenegro....
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A recent study revealed that Estonians marry less now than they used to 20-30 years ago. In 2018, there were only 6 marriages per 1000 adults which is about half what it used to be in 1988. The average age a woman had her first child in 2017 was 27 years old while the average...
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Missionary Mark Coffey recently return from a survey trip to Mozambique with a young couple who are praying about going there as missionaries. From the research they have done, they have found few churches that preach a clear gospel witness. The country has a large number of young people, a fairly low cost of living,...
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