August 31, 2021


In missionary biographies of days gone by, you can read about how many spent months at sea on their way to their fields to tell people about Jesus. While most of us missionaries don’t ride ships to our respective fields of service, we nonetheless have the chance to serve the Lord in foreign lands. But...
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By Courtney Mathos, missionary to Bolivia & Tracy Paver, missionary to Chile During the third week of August, Bolivians celebrate the Festival of the Virgin of Urkupiña. Like most Bolivian holidays, it is rooted in tradition and is celebrated with parades, a Catholic mass, and a pilgrimage to a hillside in Quillacollo. Behind the festival...
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In the Latvian capital of Riga, thousands of citizens have protested the issue of mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations. The government intends to make vaccinations mandatory for many professionals, and is strongly considering allowing private employers to fire employees who refuse the vaccine. While the majority of the Latvian population is concerned about vaccine mandates, a far...
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