December 22, 2021


The Beckers are excited to be just one month away from leaving for Argentina on January 18, 2022! They are also grateful that the Lord has blessed them with another child arriving in July 2022. Robert & Emma are specifically praying for a strong finish to deputation, the rest of their support and set-up fund to...
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In November, Austria’s government announced that it would mandate Covid-19 vaccines for all citizens over the age of 14 beginning in February. Since the announcement was made, there have been multiple demonstrations and protests. On Saturday, December 11, an estimated 44,000 people gathered to protest in Vienna, the nation’s capital. While stating that the government...
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On November 23, a bus full of passengers returning from Istanbul to North Macedonia crashed in Bulgaria, killing 44 people. Of all the passengers onboard, only 7 managed to escape the crash and ensuing fire. The deadly accident has been estimated to be one of the worst in Europe in years. Included in the victims...
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