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The strategy we have for winning people to Christ and fulfilling the Lord’s Great Commission is to use our Sunday School to do so. There are four steps that are essential if we are serious about evangelizing or churching people. These are:

1) Prospecting

2) Enrolling

3) Ministering

4) Evangelizing or soulwinning.

The ministry stage is so important because it is the “seed bed” out of which evangelism will grow. Ministry makes the Gospel valid. It “bonds” people to our church and our people psychologically. Ministry is expected of sincere Christians (Mark 10:43-45).

To minister is to be like Christ, who spent His life ministering.

To minister is to love in a practical way. Jesus said this is how much men would know we are His disciples. Many people, hearing this kind of information, don’t know how to translate it into practical application.

With this background in mind, here are 21 ideas on how we can minister:

  1. Greet people (Romans 16:3). Learn to smile at people and communicate kindness and courtesy.
  2. Introduce them to others to help them feel accepted and loved.
  3. Invite them to recreational and social activities with you and your family and/or friends.
  4. Extend hospitality in your home by entertaining them. It may be elaborate or simple, but will meet their need for love.
  5. Comfort them in bereavement.
  6. Support (emotional support and encouragement) them through sickness.
  7. Support them through a divorce.
  8. Support them through domestic problems.
  9. Support them through financial problems.
  10. Introduce them to books, tapes, films, literature, etc…that you feel would be a blessing to them.
  11. Be willing to listen to them.
  12. Rejoice with them in their successes and victories. Congratulate them when appropriate.
  13. Recognize significant events and achievements.
 • \
    1. Weddings
    2. A promotion
    3. Anniversary
    4. New babies
    5. A new business
    6. New car
    7. New home
    8. Birthday
    9. Graduations
    10. New Job
    11. Accomplishments in church
 (Sunday school, AWANA, Bus, FCS)
  14. Minister through music (sing in the congregation). Loan or refer tapes or records to them.
  15. Touch them.
  16. Visitation.
  17. The ministry of “helps” (1 Corinthians 12:28)
  18. Send cards, notes, letters and share pictures.
  19. Pray for them.
  20. Cook a meal or bake cookies for them.
  21. Offer to babysit when there is sickness or need.

Use your imagination, but by now you probably get the idea of how to minister. We minister to people when we “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”.

Ministry is simply loving people, carrying out the Golden Rule—being like Christ. It is breaking out of our selfish shell, and responding to others.

Lyle Schaller of the American Institute for Church Growth has done research which discovered that “If a person joins a church and does not make 12 friends in 90 days, you have lost them”.

How and where do they find friends? Through ministering Sunday School.

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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