53 Days to Raise $128,686

What a blessing it has been to watch God provide $511,314 for the Center for World Evangelism land payment that is due on July 31st! This week, we have had donations of:

  • $1000 from a local businessman!
  • $1000 from a missionary friend!
  • $753 from five different individuals!
  • $2500 from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Jackson, Georgia!

Thank you for continuing to pray and support the work of Vision Baptist Missions and the Our Generation Training Center.

Your donations will help us build a center where more missionaries can be trained to go around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Click here for more information about The Center.

Or click here to find out how to give.

About the author

Served as a missionary since 2000. Became General Director of Vision Baptist Missions May of 2012. I love the Lord, my beautiful wife (Mindy), my 5 children, world evangelism.... and Argentina. There is a great need to get the Gospel out and I desire the Lord uses my life to have a part in getting it out.

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