A True “Rags to Riches” Possibility

For anybody who’s been keeping up with international news the last few years, the Venezuelan financial crisis, which started in 2014 with the rise of a socialistic government, is perhaps old news, forgotten as time has worn on. For those in Colombia, it’s still fresh on their minds, as a third of the fleeing Venezuelan population has ended up in their country. 

Most Venezuelans who land in other countries don’t end up living all that well, but they are at least able to get basic necessities. The Colombian president is now seeking to help them further by declaring that those who illegally came to Colombia from Venezuela can reside in the country with a temporary legal status for ten years, as long as they register with the government. Outside of his humanitarian reasons, he also sees it as a way for Colombia to find out who exactly is in the country. For many Venezuelans, this announcement is cause for rejoicing, but many Colombians aren’t thrilled with the matter.

Regardless of the political or economical ramifications of this move, the spiritual ones are clear. For whatever reason, God has allowed Venezuelans to spread throughout Latin America, and those who are going to Latin American countries as missionaries will no doubt encounter many of them. Many Christians who are residents of those countries will come across several Venezuelans as well. Every country handles the matter differently, but to the Christian in that country, the goal is the same: Reach the Venezuelans with the gospel as well as the nationals. 

Wouldn’t it be something if a Venezuelan fleeing hardship in his own country ends up in another country and hears the gospel from a Christian there? What if that man or woman gets saved? Fleeing poverty, they would become immensely rich in Jesus. That’s something we can all rejoice in. 

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