Algeria is located in North Africa and is desperately in need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world concerning landmass. It has a population of over forty four million souls. This also makes Algeria the 8th largest country in Africa. 

The official languages in Algeria are Arabic and Berber. French is spoken for administration, business, and education. Algerian Aribic is the most widely spoken language. 

The capital and most populous city, Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and has an estimated population of over five million souls. 

Algeria’s religious makeup consists of 99% Islam and 1% other consisting of all known Christians, Jews, or other. The ethnicity of the people is 99% Arab-Berber and 1% other. 

Algeria is a wealthy country and is very prosperous by the world’s standards but it is incredibly dark spiritually. Will you commit to praying that the Lord would raise up more laborers to share The Gospel, plant churches and train nationals to continue the work reaching their people for Christ? 

44 million people

99% Muslim