As of 2018 King Mswati III (“The Lion”) changed Swaziland, it’s colonial name, to the Kingdom of Eswatini.  He can do this as absolute monarch.  His word is final.  The country itself is bordered by South Africa on the north, south, and west.  On the eastern side it is bordered by Mozambique.  It has a population of over 1.1 million people in an area slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey.  The country is primarily populated by the emaSwati people (Or Swazi used by English speakers).  You will also find small groups of other African tribes such as the Zulu along with some people of European ancestry.  

Government sites will tell you this country is 90% Christian, but if you dig just a little you will find that it’s “Christianity” is made up of 40% Zionist (includes ancestral worship), 20% Roman Catholic, and the remaining 20% is anything from Anglican to Jehovah Witness.  Needless to say this kingdom is far from the Kingdom of God and is in great need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The country is primarily rural with heavy poverty and the highest HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate in the world (28% of the adult population have the disease).  A large portion of the emaSwati cross the border to South Africa to look for work.

The media age of the country is 23yrs of age.  There are around 100,000 men and the same of women from ages 15-24.  This is an ideal age and great number of people for a church planting missionary to go and make disciples and train people for ministry.  

1.1 million people

90% Christian