Ethiopia is a landlocked country located in the Horn of Africa (called this because this area sticks out of the continent of Africa like the horn of a rhinoceros).  This country is populated with over 108 million souls!  The religion of the land is predominantly Ethiopian Orthodox 43% (Amongst other O.T. ties they observe the Jewish Sabbath, circumcise their sons on the eighth day, and follow the dietary laws), followed by Muslim 31%.  Protestant represents most of the remaining population at 22%.  

Ethiopia kind of does things their own way.  They operate on a 13 month calendar and Ethiopian time.  Furthermore, they are the only African country to never have been under colonial rule.   While there are 88 languages spoken in Ethiopia, Oromo is the most spoken language at 25 million.  It is followed by Amharic (official national language) with 21 million and then Somali at almost 5 million.  

The Ethiopian orthodox population take their religion far more serious than orthodox populations in Europe (78% attend church weekly compared to 10% in Europe).  Ethiopia is also the spiritual homeland of the Rastafarian movement.  They believe that emperor Haile Selassie was Jesus Christ.  It is also believed that the Ark of the Covenant is stored away somewhere in Ethiopia.  As you can see Ethiopia is filled with false religion, superstition and the burden of works based salvation even believing baptism has the power to wash away their sin.  

Who will take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Ethiopia?

108 million people

22% Protestant