Formerly known as French Guinea, it is the smallest coastal country in western Africa on the Atlantic coast.  Guinea is a poor country yet abundant in natural resources, and rivers.  The Ebola virus has been reported to have stunted the growth of the economy.  Land wise it is slightly smaller than the state of Michigan.  The capital city is Conakry which has a population of 1.6 million.  This port city is the educational. center and the chief Atlantic port.  

In a country of 12.5 million souls Guinea is almost 90% Muslim.  The general umbrella of “Christianity” makes up only 6.8% of the country.  The constitution prohibits religious discrimination, and protects the rights of individuals to choose and profess their religious faith.  Further it recognizes the rights of religious groups and institutions to establish and govern themselves.  This is great news for churches that have a mandate from Christ to send laborers to this country.  Unfortunately it is illegal for religious institutions are unable to own radio or T.V. stations.  In the end the door is wide open for church planting missionaries to come and serve the Lord.

12.5 million people

90% muslim