The Republic of Kenya, known for it’s beautiful landscapes, is located on the eastern coast of Africa.  It is bordered by Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan.  It also has 333 miles of Indian Ocean coastline.  It borders Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical lake and the second largest fresh water lake.  The country is a little over twice the size of the state of Nevada.  Kenya’s climate can range anywhere from tropical to very dry.  The country is home to Africa’s second highest peak in Mount Kenya. 

Kenya ranks as the 27th most populated country in the world with around 53 million souls.  Nearly three-quarters of the population live in rural areas and over half live under the poverty line.  The largest African groups within the Kenyan population are the Kikuyu at 17.1%, the Luhya at 14.3%, and the Kalenjin at 13.4%.  Christianity is said to make up 85% of the population, divided up primarily as 33% Protestant, 20% Catholic, and another 20% Evangelical.  Two of the largest cities are the capital city Nairobi at 4.7 million, and Mombasa at about 1.2 million.  Swahili, Kikuyu, and Luhya are the major languages in the country.  English is also spoken and recognized as an official language.  

Overall, Kenya is a beautiful land, with people that have a reputation for being friendly, and an open door for missionaries.

53 million people

85% Christianity