The Lesotho (Le-sue-too) Kingdom is a high-altitude, enclave at the bottom of Africa.  As the world’s highest country it is said to “sit in the clouds.”  More than 80% of the country sits 1800 meters above sea level.  It has cool to cold dry winters and hot, wet summers.  

It has a population of a little over 2 million people in an area slightly smaller than the state of Maryland.  The capital city is Maseru, a city of around 330,000 souls.  It lies on the Lesotho and South African border.  99% of the country itself is Sotho, speaking the Sesotho language.  

Religion is made up of Protestant 47.8% (comprised of Pentecostal 23.1%, Lesotho Evangelical 17.3%, Anglican 7.4%) and Roman Catholic at 39.3%.  Over half the country lives below the poverty line and it has the second highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world (310,000 out of the 2 million population).  Life expectancy at birth is 53yrs of age.  

If a person were to go to Maseru as a missionary they would be able to reach into both South Africa and Lesotho easily!  What this country needs more than anything else is serious church planting, disciple-making missionaries.  At first glance it seems Lesotho is fairly evangelized but it would only take a conversation with a few who call themselves Christian here to realize that what they mean by being Christian, and the born again by believing in Christ alone gospel of the Bible for salvation, are two completely different things.

2 million people

47.8% Protestant