Republic of the Congo

The Republic of the Congo (not to be confused with its much larger neighbor Democratic Republic of the Congo) is a central African country that is located along the west coast. A rich supply of oil has helped to fuel the economy and has brought some prosperity to this country. However, political instability and falling oil prices have hit this country of over 5 million people hard, creating a great physical need and an even greater spiritual need for the Gospel.

The population of the country is concentrated in the southwestern part of the country, leaving the rest of the jungle filled country with very few inhabitants. Though there are an estimated 120,000 gorillas living in these jungles. 70% of the population lives in urban centers, a rare occurrence among African countries. The two largest cities are Brazzaville (the capital) and Pointe-Noire. These cities are connected by a 332 mile long railroad, along which lies numerous small cities and towns. Brazzaville is home to 1.8 million residents, comprising more than a third of the national populace. It served as the capital of Free France during WW2 for a few years.

French is the official language, though there are over 60 recognized languages in the country. It is estimated that a little over 50% of the population follow the Catholic faith. The rest practice Islam, animism, and other forms of Christianity. 

The Republic of the Congo presents an amazing opportunity to start a great work for Christ! The centralized location of the inhabitants, the young population, and the connectivity of the major cities are all open doors that could be greatly utilized to advance the Gospel. Imagine riding the train between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire and seeing churches along the entire way that are preaching the Gospel and reaching the lost. Imagine what God could do with a surrendered life in the country of the Republic of the Congo!

5 million people

50% Catholic