South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan has long been plagued by conflict. It recently gained independence in 2011 from Sudan. But it continues to face political violence. The 13 million South Sudanese people also face a life expectancy of only 57 years. Languages spoken in South Sudan are English, Arabic, Juba Arabic, and Dinka. Dinka is spoken by the Dinka people and is unique to the Sudan’s.

The religions of South Sudan are traditional African religions (Animism), Christianity, and Islam. The Christians are mostly Catholic and Anglican. Additionally, Christian and traditional religions are often mixed together.

The capitol is Juba, is a center for agricultural products, and is a river port. It’s population is around a half million. Even though the city was originally founded by a missionary society in the 1920’s, it faces much insecurity today from property rights and issues, as well as disease and health issues.

South Sudan continues to face violence. Political turmoil and drought are the crises most affecting the South Sudanese people.

13 million people

60.5% Christian