Togo, a small country located in West Africa, is slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia. It is thin country that is wedged between Benin to the East and Ghana to the West. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the south and Burkina Faso is its neighbor on the north. 
Togo’s official language is French, but the widely spoken indigenous languages are Ewe and Kabiye. Ewe is spoken mainly in the South and Kabiye is the prevailing language of the North. 
Togo’s capital city is called Lomé and is located on the coast in the southwest corner of Togo. Over 1.5 million people live in this capital city, making it largest city in the country and the 38th largest city on the continent of Africa.  
Togo’s major religion consists of 33% of its population adhering to traditional animist beliefs like Voodoo/ancestor worship. 28% are Catholic, 20% are Sunni Muslim, and one source said that less than 9% were Protestant. One source reported that no matter the category, most still perform indigenous religious practices. 
Togo has an estimated population of 8.6 million people and is likely to continue to expand in the foreseeable future. 60% of this population are under the age of 25 years old, making it a young country with a ton of potential. The majority (58%) of Togo’s population lives in small villages scattered throughout the rural areas.

8.6 million people

Less than 9% Protestant