Tunisia is a nation that is rich in history, culture, and heritage. It is located in Northern Africa on the Medeterinian Sea, between Libya and Egypt.  The nation is just slightly larger than Georgia and has an arid desert climate.

The country speaks mostly Arabic although there is a minority that speaks French and Berber. 
The majority ethnicity is Arab with a small dispersion of Berbers.  
As a country it is relatively stable but there are known terrorist organizations in the south of the country near Libya.  The Arab spring protests and uprisings  also originated there. 
Tunisia is 99.1 % muslim with the remaining being Jewish and Christian.  The nation adheres to Islam and is even claims it in their constitution. 
It’s population is nearing 12 million people with about 30% living in rural areas. Although the nation is not growing as fast as other countries In Africa it is still trending upwards. 

11.8 million people

Less than 1% Protestant