Albania’s Presidential Impeachment

Since the Albanian general elections took place in April, the parliament has been considering attempting to impeach the president, Ilir Meta. It was recently decided that the parliament will hold a session on June 9 to investigate his actions and decide if he violated the constitution. The argument is that he has a constitutional duty to maintain national unity, but failed to do so during the election by siding with the opposition. Should he be found guilty by a two-thirds majority, the Constitutional Court would need to approve the impeachment within the next three months for it to take place. Meta makes the argument that the government is in a post-election transition, therefore, is unable to conduct the investigation. The role of president in Albania is mostly ceremonial and typically apolitical, however, Meta and the prime minister have clashed regularly over various issues. Should Meta be found guilty and impeached, he would be removed from office one year prior to his term’s original ending.

Current political turmoil in Albania is surpassed by the spiritual turmoil. For many years, Albania was closed to missionaries but it is now open, and Christianity has grown. However, the largest religion in the country by far is Islam, with evangelical Christianity at .5% of the population. Please pray for the Christians of Albania to continue sharing the gospel with their neighbors.

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