Asia News – Another Church Building in China Demolished

According to an article by the government in China demolished another church building on Easter Sunday. This church building was a three-self protestant church building. The three-self churches are the only government sanctioned place where Christians are allowed to worship in China. Meeting in houses or underground church meetings is illegal in China. While the three-self churches may teach some Bible truth, because of the Communist party’s control and their tradition the messages in these churches are usually very heretical and are not true Biblically. Now it seems though, that China is slowly trying to get rid of the legal three-self churches. There are more and more reports of these church buildings being demolished or turned into other use, without a new building or place to meet being built.

The government of China is trying to stop the spread of the Gospel. They do not want people to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. There are however in China, millions of people that do not know about the salvation that Jesus offers. They need to know this message! The government is trying to stop them from hearing the good news, but Christians should be doing all they can to help these people hear the good news. Would you pray for God to send laborers to China? Would you consider if God would have you give your life to the Gospel to China?

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