Asia News: China doesn’t like US sailing near Taiwan

According to an article by the Free Republic China’s military said on Wednesday the latest U.S. navy sailing near Chinese-claimed Taiwan was “extremely dangerous” The U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin sailed through the narrow and sensitive Taiwan Strait recently the U.S. navy said, in what have become relatively routine trips in recent months, though they always anger China.

China and Taiwan both claim sovereignty over the same island and while we do not know the future of Taiwan and who will control the government and people of Taiwan in the years to come, we do know that Jesus is coming back one day. We do know that he will set up a kingdom and rule the entire world. We do know that before this time comes, all the people both in China and Taiwan both need to hear the Gospel. Would you pray for both China and Taiwan? Would you pray for God to send laborers to both of these places with the Gospel?

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