Asia News: Chinese Pastor Arrested

According to an article by the Christian post, a pastor in China’s Hunan province was recently arrested. This pastor had started a church and had refused to register his church with the State Three Self church. The Communist run Three-Self church is the only legal recognized evangelical church in China. All other churches are illegal. Because of it’s atheist Communist leadership the Three-Self church is very unbiblical in its doctrine.

The police also raided the pastor’s church where they confiscated 480 books, including study tools, handouts, and copies of biblical materials, claiming the materials were illegal and without publication permission.

In the past couple of years, China has increased its persecution of Christians. The government is making it harder and harder for Christians to worship and evangelize. Christians in China, especially house church pastors are facing a daily threat of persecution. Would you pray for the Christians and house church pastors in China? Would you ask God to help these believers to be bold in the face of persecution and still testify for the Lord Jesus? China needs preachers of the Gospel. Have you considered giving your life to take the Gospel to the hundreds of millions of lost souls in China?

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