Asia News: COVID-19 in Dalian China

Recently there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in Dalian China. As soon as cases started appearing the authorities began quarantining different neighborhoods. While the entire city has not been put on entire lockdown, different neighborhoods with cases of COVID-19 have been put on lockdown. Recently according to an article by the Poch Times it appears that in one of these neighborhoods fighting with the police broke out. In the article there is a video that shows some people clashing with the police because of discontentment with the lock-down measures.

It is not just COVID-19 that the police in Dalian are using extreme measures to try to stop the spread. Missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions have church planted and worked to spread the Gospel in Dalian China. The police have tried to stop the spread of the Gospel as well with persecution. Both missionaries and Chinese pastors have personally ran into persecution where the police have tried to stop the spread of the Gospel. One time in particular was very obvious. The police called in one of the Chinese pastors into the police station and told him specifically that he was supposed to obey the government and stop spreading the Gospel to some college students he had recently been witnessing to or he would face serious consequences. The police have tried to close churches and kick missionaries out of the country.

By God’s grace despite government persecution Chinese pastors are still carrying the Gospel forward in Dalian China. However in a city this large, it is only a scratch on the the surface. We need hundreds of more laborers to take the Gospel to Dalian China. Would you pray for God to send laborers with the Gospel to this needy city?

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