Asia News: Earthquake in Indonesia

According to an article by a magnitude 5.0 earthquake shook eastern Indonesia on Thursday morning. Thankfully, there are currently no casualties reported. In the past, earthquakes have frequently shook the shores of Indonesia. The most deadly earthquake in their recent history was in 2004 when a magnitude 9.5 earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed around 226,000 people.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populated country with about 268 million people. Unfortunately, less than 10 percent of these people claim any form of Christianity. These people need to hear the Gospel. Who knows when the next earthquake might hit Indonesia and claim the lives of people that have never heard the Gospel. We need to get the Gospel to them before it is too late. Would you consider giving your life to take the Gospel to Indonesia? Would you pray for God to send laborers to this needy country?

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