Asia News: Fighting on the India/China Border

According to an article by the Wall Street Journal troops from India and China exchanged words, blows at pass in northeastern Sikkim state. Tensions were high and blows were exchanged, but military leaders from both sides stepped in to stop the fighting.

India and China currently dispute several border areas. In places they both claim the same territory. This has led to confusion as well as fighting over the years. An agreement on the exact border in several areas still has not been peacefully agreed upon.

Please pray for China and India. They are the world’s two most populated and while they recently had a hostile border encounter that isn’t the only hostility the two countries have. Both are openly hostile to the Gospel. They do not want the Gospel to enter their borders, nor be spread by believers inside the country. Would you pray for laborers for China and India. Would you consider what you could do to reach these countries with the Gospel?

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