Asia News: Flooding in China

China is facing massive flooding. According to an article by the Financial Times, China’s famous Three Gorges dam recently hit its record for the highest water level ever in its history. This has been caused by massive rainfall in China’s Sichuan province. The recent flooding has misplaced nearly half a million people, with thousands of people’s homes and property being destroyed.

Flooding is one of the many problems people in China currently face, but it isn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem people in China face is that they do not know about the salvation that Jesus offers. All people have sinned against God and Jesus is the only one that can save people from their sins. People in China don’t know this. Would you pray for God to raise up many missionaries to take the Gospel to China. Would you pray for God to open doors so that missionaries will have many opportunities to share the Gospel with people in China?

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