Asia News: India Now the 5th Largest Economy

By Missionary to India Jeff Brown

According to IMF’s October World Economic Outlook, India is now the fifth-largest economy in the world. In the past year, it has jumped over both France and the United Kingdom in total GDP (Gross Domestic Product.) 

While this is an impressive accomplishment for a country that many people would still consider to be a third world country, India’s GDP per capita is USD 2,170. To put that in perspective, the US is USD 62,794. India’s economy is growing, but it doesn’t mean the average Indian person is necessarily rich. In fact, according to CNBC, India has a 45-year high unemployment rate.

The growth in India is primarily because of the growth in population. India has exploded and is now considered to be the most populated country in the world. There is about one-seventh of the world’s population in India, and with it identifying as just 2% Christian, there is a great need to see this country reached with the gospel.

The Our Generation Training Center has now sent two graduates to the country of India. One is finishing up his first term, and the other is finishing up deputation heading to the country. Would you please pray for the Center for World Evangelism that more laborers could be trained up and sent to this very needy country.

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