Asia News: Prisoners in Indonesia Released Early

According to an article by prisoners in Indonesia are being released early because of the coronavirus. The article mentions that adult prisoners that have served 2/3 of their term are eligible to be released early. Indonesia’s jails have regularly been filled to more than double their capacity. Now with fear that the coronavirus could break out in the prisons, the Indonesian government decided to release hundred of prisoners early. Prisoners have been singing while walking out of the prisons to freedom.

It is crazy how the coronavirus has been changing our world. For prisoners in prison in Indonesia the coronavirus is super good news, because it means early freedom. What the majority of these prisoners do not know is that the good news of release from freedom pales in comparison to the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Release from prison brings temporary earthly freedom, while salvation in Christ brings eternal freedom from the punishment of hell.

Unfortunately there is not many people in Indonesia preaching the Gospel, so the majority of people in Indonesia do not know the message of salvation. They need to hear the good news. Would you pray for God to send laborers to the country of Indonesia? Would you consider giving your life to take the Gospel to Indonesia?

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