Asia News: Racism Towards Blacks in China

According to an article by racism towards blacks is becoming stronger in southern China. The Chinese industrial city of Guangzhou has a large African expat community. Recently life for these African residents is not very safe. Because of rumors that coronavirus might be sweeping through the black community, many hotels and landlords have been kicking their black residents out. The government is forcing many black people into mandatory quarantine. Most of these people have no recent travel history and no symptoms of the virus.

A McDonalds in Guangzhou China recently posted a sign in English that their African visitors could clearly read saying, “We’ve been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant. For the sake of your health, consciously notify the local police for medical isolation. Please understand the inconvenience caused.”

It is very sad to see the Chinese people showing this amount of racism. Sin produces racism, since people like to think they are superior. Many times people will try to cover up their racism. However, recently in China, Chinese people have been openly racist toward blacks . Actually, the only remedy for fixing racism and this kind of heart is for these Chinese people to hear the Gospel. They need to realize that God loves all people regardless of their skin color or race.

Unfortunately most people in China have no idea of God’s message of love of forgiveness. Therefore, they need to be told the Gospel. Would you pray for God to send missionaries to take the Gospel to China. Have you considered if God would have you give your life to take the Gospel to people in desperate need of a Savior? Would you pray for lost souls in China to come to know Christ?

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