Asia News: Shots Fired at the DMZ

According to an article by shots were fired yesterday at the demilitarized zone dividing North and South Korea. North Korea first fired a few shots into South Korea, and then South Korean soldiers briefly returned the fire. The shots did not kill anyone or cause damage on either side.

The exact reason for North Korea firing the shots is unknown, but is thought to be an accident.

The DMZ is a 160 mile long, 2.5 mile wide zone that divides North and South Korea. Both sides have agreed to not allow military personnel in this zone. North and South Korea, however have much military force stationed on the edge of this zone in case of an attack from either side.

Unfortunately, the DMZ is keeping people from South Korea entering into North Korea with the Gospel. South Korea has several churches and Christians. About 20% of South Koreans claim some form of evangelical Christianity. While many of these people would not be true Biblical believers, there are many true Biblical believers in South Korea. The DMZ keeps these Christians from traveling to North Korea with the Gospel.

Would you pray for North and South Korea? We need to pray that God would open the doors for the Gospel to get to North Korea. Would you pray for missionaries to be sent to South Korea with the Gospel? Have you considered what God would have you do with your life to reach the Korean Peninsula with the Gospel?

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