Austria’s Freedom Crisis

In November, Austria’s government announced that it would mandate Covid-19 vaccines for all citizens over the age of 14 beginning in February. Since the announcement was made, there have been multiple demonstrations and protests. On Saturday, December 11, an estimated 44,000 people gathered to protest in Vienna, the nation’s capital. While stating that the government would not force anyone to receive the shot, those refusing to get it would be fined 600 euros which could later increase to 3,600 euros. Many citizens see this mandate as an infringement on personal freedoms and fear the direction the country may embark upon as a result.

John 8:36 states, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” With all the protests over personal freedoms, one very important freedom has been overlooked–freedom from sin and death. Austria, while historically “Christian” in name, has only .5% who profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many Austrians have left the Roman Catholic Church due to scandal, however, they are not finding the truth. Austria is in need of missionaries, church planters and Christian workers who will go share the Good News that they can have never-ending freedom in Christ, and hope despite the direction the government takes.

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Bethany is currently on deputation to go to London and intern with the Snodes.

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