Stephen Carrier


Any president can have a series of events turn against him in such a way that his approval rating drops dramatically, and such has been the case for Sebastián Piñera of Chile. In 2019, Chile’s streets were aflame with protests that eventually turned into riots over the raising of public transportation fares and other social...
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Chile has been undergoing several changes recently. Between the Covid rollercoaster and a new referendum on their constitution, it’s been quite the year to be a Chilean. Just this past week, Chilean citizens headed to the polls to nominate those who will be drafting their new constitution. There was a depressed turnout for this vote, as...
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For anybody who’s been keeping up with international news the last few years, the Venezuelan financial crisis, which started in 2014 with the rise of a socialistic government, is perhaps old news, forgotten as time has worn on. For those in Colombia, it’s still fresh on their minds, as a third of the fleeing Venezuelan...
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