Each church and every person for that matter has different goals. Regardless of his beliefs, a person’s goals can be seen by the way he behaves or by how he spends his time. The challenge with the Christian life is that we must make sure our philosophy, or our way of doing something, is Biblical. In regards to ministry more specifically, if done Biblically, the question then is not so much whether how we do things is morally right or wrong, but rather if the way we do things the way Jesus or Paul would have done ministry.

As churches, our goal is obeying the Great Commission that Jesus gave in Matthew 28:19-20. The question that follows in my mind is how does one go about fulfilling the ministry? Christ commands us to go and teach all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to observe whatsoever Christ commanded. Many churches (and I hope all Christians) would say that this would be a goal of theirs. But the question is how is this goal fulfilled? What is our plan to accomplish such a difficult task? That is where a philosophy of ministry comes in. Some people or churches rely on evangelists, men who travel around the world preaching the gospel to thousands and thousands, to do this job. Such a philosophy, ¬†while employing a valid means of outreach, does not fulfill the Great Commission alone. Please don’t take what I am saying out of context. The role of an evangelist is extremely¬†important, but it cannot and will not fulfill the Great Commission alone.

At the Training Center we try to teach our students a method by which they can more effectively fulfill the Great Commission. We teach them what Christ did and what He emphasized. Over the next four Mondays I will be going over our BE DO SERVE TRAIN philosophy of ministry and I hope that I will explain it in a way that will help you understand and see the biblical examples played out.

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Robert Canfield is the Director of the Our Generation Training Center and a missionary with Vision Baptist Missions representing the continent of Africa.

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