Spain has become the most recent European country pass a law legalizing euthanasia and considering death a right. This makes them the fifth nation in Europe to legalize assisted suicide.

Mali Coup Could Open A Door

On August 18th, Mali underwent a Coup that overthrew the sitting leader, President Ibrahim Keïta Boubou. President Keita resigned and dissolved the existing government after gunshots were shot in the

Latin America

Latin America News: A Better Rebirth

By Stephen Carrier, Missionary to Chile Massive crowds of Chileans took to the streets Sunday night to exult in the results of the referendum on their constitution. They cheered, waved

We Know He Blesses Work!

“He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how

140 Drown off of West Africa Coast

Read article here. Sources say that there were at 140 deaths when a boat capsized this past Saturday off of Senegal coast. It is believed that these migrants were fleeing


VBM Asia Spotlight: John and Alisha Walz | Taiwan

Who: John and Alisha Walz have been serving as church planting missionaries to China/Taiwan with Vision Baptist Missions since 2013. They are members of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan, OH.


Persecution and Nigeria

What in the world is happening in Nigeria? With persecution seemingly on the rise in Africa’s largest nation, read this article to keep up with what is going on in


Missionary kidnapped in Niger

You can get more information here. In south Niger, a country in West Africa, a second generation missionary was kidnapped this week and is being held for ransom. Please be


The Sudan and Israel

Read the article here. Sudan has normalized relations with Israel. This country in Eastern Africa, which is predominantly Muslim, is making steps as it seeks to be removed from the

Wasted Bible Knowledge

What is the greatest piece of writing in all of history? What has confounded the conscious with its truths? What book endures through the scientist’s scoffing, the theologian’s theorizing, and

Latin America

The Vote is In for Bolivia

Read the original article here: The political situation in Bolivia, South America has been anything but stable over the past year. This time last year, the previous president, that represented

Talk Is Cheap! A Cry For World Evangelism!

“Talk is cheap!”  This is said when someone talks but doesn’t walk. When they can say sentences but can’t pay the proper penances of hard work and dedication.  This saying


VBM Asia Spotlight: Paul and Amber Taube | Nepal

Who: Paul and Amber Taube have been serving as church planting missionaries to Nepal with Vision Baptist Missions since 2012. They are members of Grace Baptist Church in Middletown, OH.


How to Stop the Spread of Islam?

How to Stop the Spread of Islam? Islam is spreading all over the world. Last week, we talked about reasons it is spreading and this week, I want to talk


5.6 Earthquake Hits Iceland

Iceland is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, meaning it has many earthquakes each year. This week, Iceland was hit with a 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake. Epoch


Who Will Go to the 19 Million of Romania?

Who Will Go to Romania? While in college, I began to learn and study about the country of Romania. Most people may not know much about Romania, but I was

A Passion For Souls Consumed Him

Recently I was reading Norman P. Grubb’s book With CT Studd In Congo Forest, which is the account of the ministry of the Heart Of Africa Mission. This mission agency


Swiss Missionary to Mali Has Been Executed!

In January 2016, Beatrice Stockli was kidnapped from Timbuktu in northern Mali. After being held prisoner for four years by Islamic extremists, she was recently executed. News of her execution

The Youth Pastor’s Desk

Last night as I lay in my bed, I thought back to my office as a youth pastor. Like many youth pastors, my office was a shared space. My desk


Backlash In France After Teacher’s Decapitation

Four days ago, Samuel Paty, a French history and geography teacher was beheaded in Paris for showing caricatures of Muhammad in class. Yesterday, France unleashed a broad crackdown on Muslims

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